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How To Use Red Snappers On A Longarm Quilting Frame

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The Red Snapper loading system is a great addition to my longarm quilting frame! In the past, I’ve ALWAYS used the flat head flower pins to pin the quilt backing to the canvas leaders on my APQS longarm frame. BUT, that was only until I got the chance to try RED SNAPPERS that are from Nancy Notions! Boy are they a time saver! There's no more pinning to do! I only wish I knew about them sooner! … Like years ago!

If you haven’t heard of Red Snappers for your quilting frame or you want to learn more be sure to check out this video! I share how to install the rods on your canvas leaders of the quilt frame.

This video explains the process of installing the Red Snapper loading system on my APQS Quilting frame. Before you get started using the Red Snappers you need to sew a sleeve on the canvas leaders of the quilt frame. This was the tricky part for me, but I explain how I did it in the video. The sleeve is used to insert the Red Snapper rods. Once you have your sleeves sewn, slide the rod into it. Then you’re ready to use the snaps to hold the quilt backing fabric in place.

To purchase a set of of RED SNAPPERS head to Nancy’s Notions and use this code:


You'll receive FREE SHIPPING within the US, no minimum; expires 10/31/19.

The photos below show what it looks like to use the Red Snappers.

This is the set of Red Snappers. There are two different sizes available. Either 10' or 12' depending on the size frame you have. I got the 10' since my frame is 10 feet. If you have a smaller frame no biggie, just cut off the extra.

I always load the front of the frame first, then I load the back of the frame.

I add the small snap first in the center of the quilt backing. Then I add a large one and remove the small snap. I continue to add however many I need to hold the quilt backing fabric in place.

I used 2 snaps and removed the small one. The small one is just to get it started to hold the quilt backing in place.

Full view of what it looks like to have the quilt backing loaded on the quilt frame with the Red Snapper loading system.

Overall I’m extremely happy with the Red Snappers. They are so convenient, easy to use and a huge time saver! .... also, I don’t miss getting pricked with pins!

I know you'll love them!

(Disclaimer - I do not receive any commission from the FREE SHIPPING discount code)

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