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How to use the Quilt Binding Ruler

The Quilt Binding Ruler is designed to help assist in the quilt binding process.

Here are some of the ruler features:

* Made for 2.25 & 2.5 inch binding (depending on your preferred binding width)

* For use with domestic and long arm machines

* Draw diagonal line to sew binding strips together

* ¼ dashed line allows you to cut off the extra fabric when making binding

* ¼ inch cutout allows you to mark a dot on the binding, so you know exactly where to stop the needle and sew a diagonal line off the corner of the binding

The Quilt Binding Ruler can be used with your domestic sewing machine or a long arm.

Cut your binding strips width of fabric at 2.25 or 2.5 inches, whichever you prefer. Place the right sides of your fabric together so they overlap (TIP: make sure selvage edges are facing out) and draw a diagonal line, sew on the line. Then take the binding strips to your cutting mat and use the ¼ line on the ruler to trim off the excess. Fold binding in half lengthwise and press. Here’s a quick video to demonstrate:

To attach binding start by leaving a 10-14 inch tail, sew at 1/4 inch seam allowance. Once you get to the corner of the quilt, use the corner cutout of the ruler. Align the ruler on the corner of the quilt and mark a dot on the binding, draw a diagonal line, then sew on the line. Rotate the quilt and fold binding, then continue sewing. Repeat on all corners.

Stop once you get to the 10-14 inch gap, use the 2.25 or 2.5 inch side of the ruler depending on your binding width. Place the ruler in the middle of the gap with the desired side of the ruler (2.25 or 2.5) facing the raw edge of the quilt. Align one tail of the binding along the edge of the quilt and mark a dot and/or draw line, cut at this length. Leave the ruler and the binding tail you just cut in the same position, take the other binding tail and place it directly on top. Repeat the process by marking and cutting the top binding piece. See video above.

To join the binding tails together, place them on top of one another with fabrics facing each other (same process you used to make the binding strips), pin to hold fabric in place and draw a diagonal line. Sew on the diagonal line, then cut off the excess at ¼ inch. Press the seam, lay binding flat and continue sewing. Finish binding by hand or machine. (NOTE: for tips on glue baste binding check out the video I have saved to my highlights on my Instagram page)

NOTE: watch this video for using the quilt binding ruler with a long arm.

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