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Ruler Features:


* Made for 2.25 & 2.5 inch binding (depending on your preferred binding width)

* For use with domestic and long arm machines 

* Draw diagonal line to sew binding strips together 

* ¼ dashed line allows you to cut off the excess fabric when making binding

* ¼ inch cutout allows you to mark a dot on the binding, so you know exactly where to stop the needle and sew a diagonal line off the corner of the binding

For more info and videos:

Wholesale Information 

Thank you for your interest in my Quilt Binding Ruler for your Quilt Shop! 

- Wholesale price per ruler is $8.99

- I ship in bundles of 6 or 12 (more upon request) 

- I will need your Tax ID number, Email and Shipping Address  - Orders will be billed through PayPal 

Please contact me by email at or through the contact form on my website to place an order. 

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