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Tips For Your Quilt Top

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Make sure quilt top is as square as possible. If you need help please see my blog post here “how to add borders to a quilt” 


Please make sure your quilt backing fabric is squared up and at least 4 inches wider on all four sides of your quilt (example: quilt top measures 60x60  your back fabric must be at lease 68x68)


Remove all embellishments or buttons, these can damage the quilting needle


Cut all loose threads


Please do not pin or baste any of the quilt layers. (All 3 layers will be loaded separately on the rollers of the quilt table) 


If wrinkled please press seams as well as quilt top. Backing fabric and seams also need to be pressed. (if needed, I will iron any creases due to the quilt being folded for shipping)


If your quilt top is directional place a pin at the top and center of quilt. 


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