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Quilt Binding Ruler Video

Check out this new video on how to use the Quilt Binding Ruler to help you with your quilt binding!

Cut your binding strips the width of fabric to either 2.25 inches for 2.5 inches. (watch the video to see how to sew strips together)

Once your binding strips are sewn together you can use the Quilt Binding Ruler to trim off the extra fabric. You’ll notice the ¼ dash line on the ruler. Align the ruler so the ¼ line is on the sewing line, then trim and press your binding strips.

Now it’s time to attach your binding to your quilt! Always leave a tail of roughly 10 inches. Attach your binding using your ¼ pressure foot. The ruler is extremely helpful in getting perfect corners. The ¼ inch cutout allows you to mark a dot on the binding, so you know exactly where to stop the needle and sew a diagonal line off the corner of the binding OR stop the needle at the dot and backstitch. Continue this process for all corners.

Be sure to leave a 10 - 12 inch gap between tails. Then use the Quilt Binding Ruler, either the 2.25 or 2.5 side of the ruler depending on your fabric width. Follow the instructions in the video to see how to cut your binding tails.

Once tails are cut it’s time to sew them together. With the right sides together draw a diagonal line and sew on the line. Trim off extra and you’ll have the exact width needed to continue sewing the binding on your quilt!

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