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Do you hate having to draw lines on your fabric to make flying geese?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

There aren't too many things I dislike in the quilt making process. BUT, my least favorite is having to mark fabric squares to make flying geese blocks or any other block that requires us to mark a line on it.

What I like to do is take all my squares and lay them on my cutting mat. I use the grid lines to place the tips of the squares along the lines, like in this picture:

Next I'll use my disappearing ink pen (you can purchase the pen here) and ruler to lay on top of the squares to mark my lines.

You can see how quick this is to lay out all the squares instead of having to mark them one by one! I prefer to do this when I have many many squares that need to be marked!

Watch this video where I explain in more detail. Just fast forward a few seconds past the quilt along explanation, then you'll see how I lay out the squares.

Hope this little trick helps you the next time you need to mark a bunch of quilt squares!!

Happy Quilting!

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