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The Quilt Binding Ruler is designed to help assist in the quilt binding process. The ruler is especially helpful in joing the two binding tails together. 


Here are some of the ruler features:


* Made for 2.25 & 2.5 inch binding (depending on your preferred binding width)


* For use with domestic and long arm sewing machines


* Draw diagonal line to sew binding strips together


* ¼ dashed line allows you to cut off the excess fabric when making binding


* ¼ inch cutout allows you to mark a dot on the binding, so you know exactly where to stop the needle and sew a diagonal line off the corner of the binding



Note: For full instructions and videos see my website (blog post)

Quilt Binding Ruler


    NOTE:  There is a shipping fee -  once you add your address it will calculate your shipping cost. (PayPal may say free shipping, but this is incorrect)

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