Quilting Services

  • How much do you charge for quilting?

     I charge .017 -.025 cents per square inch for quilting, depending on the pattern  


    Quilt top measures

    W 45”x L 60”45x60 = 2,700 x .017 = $45.90 for quilting

  • What's included?

    • quilt set up

    • top tread and pre-wound bobbins (Superior Threads)

    • minimal ironing if
      needed from shipping

    • ‘square up quilt’ after quilting (trim off all extra) so it’s ready for binding

    • I’m required by the state of California to charge 7.75% sales tax for quilting and batting, the tax will be listed on your invoice.

  • What designs do you offer?



    I offer a variety of pantograph patterns, these are edge to edge designs with a repeating pattern 

  • How do I prepare my quilt top for a longarm quiltier?


  • What's the shipping cost?

    • You are responsible for shipping your quilt to me

    •  I'll add $14-$20 to your invoice to ship your quilt back to you (depending on size of box)

    • If you are local we can schedule a drop off time

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Humboldt County


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