Quilt top measures

W 45”x L 60”45x60 = 2,700 x .030 = $81.00 for quilting

 3 Cent Designs  

Beaded Clam
Beaded Clam pantograph by Karlee Porter
Grip pantograph by Karlee Porter
Sitara Dewdrop
Sitara Dewdrop Pantograph by Karlee Porter
Sitara Plain
Sitara Plain Pantograph by Karlee Porter
Gemma #3
Gemma #3 Pantograph by Karlee Porter
Garden Trellis
Garden Trellis pantograph by Karlee Porter
Abstract Butterfly
Abstract Butterfly pantograph by Karlee Porter
Aphrodite - Pantograph / E2E
© 2015 Patricia E. Ritter
Arris - Pantograph / E2E
© 2017 Jessica Schick
Baptist Fan E2E
Baptist Fan E2E

3 Sisters
(3 cents)
Celadon - Pantograph / E2E

© 2016 Patricia E. Ritter and Tracey Russell
(3 cent)
Chevron Tumblers
Chevron Tumblers

- Pantograph / E2E
© 2019 Patricia E. Ritter & Marybeth O'Halloran
Clamshell Mushroom
Clamshell Mushroom Panto

By Karlee Porter
Cross -Pantograph / E2E

Jess Zeigler
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball Panto

By Karlee Porter
Cupid - Pantograph / E2E

© 2017 Patricia E. Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth
(3 cents)
Delicate Vine 1
Delicate Vine 1 pantograph
Deco Arrow
Deco Arrow - Pantograph / E2E
© 2013 Natalie Gorman
Diamond Loops
Diamond Loops -Pantograph / E2E

Jess Zeigler
Elegant Orang Peel
Elegant Orang Peel Pantograph by Karlee Porter
Eye Appeal
Eye Appeal -Pantograph / E2E

Jess Zeigler
Fancy Feathers
Fancy Feathers -Pantograph / E2E

Jess Zeigler
Feathered Spirals
Feathered Spirals E2E/pantograph

by Jess Ziegler
(3 cent)
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns -Pantograph / E2E

Jess Zeigler
Interlocked Orange Peel
Interlocked Orange Peel
(3 cents)
Leaflet -Pantograph / E2E

Jess Zeigler
Mikes Swoosh
Mikes Swoosh

By Mike Fountain E2E / Pantograph
(3 cent)
Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge - Pantograph / E2E

© 2015 Patricia E. Ritter
(3 cents)
Nemesh Feather
Nemesh Feather - Grande - Pantograph / E2E

© 2016 Bethanne Nemesh
(3 cents)
Orange Peel
Orange Peel E2E/pantograph
Designer: Marci Gore
(3 cent)
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Aphrodite - Pantograph / E2E © 2015 Patricia E. Ritter